Foolish Little Boy

There is something about the way he looked at me. My heart would stop momentarily as I tried to dissect the subtle shift in his gaze and the intensity of the blue, that ice blue that was frustratingly mesmerizing. Understanding his intentions, his thought, his feelings took merely a moment. . .it was too easy. […]

Not Even…Not Even…

He planted the softest of kisses on her lips. Staring at her for a mere moment, he took in all of her. Every curve, every line. She was his and he could not believe he was so lucky. She loved him, he knew that. Yet, he was about to do something that could never be […]

Dear X…

Dear X, You were amazing, you brought such light and life to my humble existence. But you threw it away out of the fear of something that wasn’t there. You trusted someone else. You believed the girl I warned you about, above me, your best friend. You walked away from the greatest friendship you have […]

…Transcendent Superlative…

She stared over the precipice. There was something about the darkness that made her feel as if there was purpose. If so much blackness could exist, could it not be that light, too, exists? The strength and power she could draw from this thought was magnificent. There was something greater than she. Without concern for […]

Me Before You

On Monday, some friends and I went to the beach. We were having a jolly time, laying in the sand, eating too much junk food, blasting music in the car with the windows down, and just enjoying each others company. When, all of the sudden, I see a sign on the side of a building […]

August Birchbox

Hey you guys. Today I’m here with a Birchbox unboxing. I haven’t done a Birchbox post in awhile, but I just opened August’s box and felt like I should take some pictures and share them with you. First thing’s first. The box is super cute this month! It usually is, but I really liked the […]

Book Review: Rebel Island

So, recently I read Rebel Island by Rick Riordan. When you think Rick Riordan, you think Percy Jackson, however, he has also written adult fiction books. Rebel Island is one of those books. Rebel Island is about a man and his very pregnant wife who are stuck on an island during a hurricane. They are […]

Book Review: Cinder

As the title suggests, I’m here with a book review on Cinder, book one of the Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer. First, let’s start with a synapse. This book is a sci-fi version of Cinderella. The main character, Cinder, is a cyborg who has a “stepmother” and two “step sisters.” In this case, one she […]