Personal Discovery

As a child people ask you “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer will vary from a singer to an architect to a scientist. Some children aspire to be a superhero while others want to be just like their parents. As a kid I always wondered if the people who asked me this question really cared whether I wanted to be a chef or a teacher. Were they truly curious or simply making polite conversation? To this day I don’t know the answer to that question. I suppose it depends on the person. As you get older, people ask “What do you want to do with your life?” That is a much more difficult question to answer. It’s one that makes you stop and consider, What DO I want to do with my life? Do I really wish to fly to the moon? Or do I have simpler dreams? Do I want kids or do I want to get a PhD? Do I want to help people or just make money? This question hits to the core; makes you ponder the type of person you are. As most young people my answer was “Well. . .I want to (insert career), but I’m not sure.” This would cause the adults to laugh and shake their heads while my cheeks would turn red. As a young adult, either considering colleges or already enrolled, people ask some of the most difficult questions you will ever have to answer. “What are you passionate about?” “What do you want your life to be?” “What kind of impact do you want to make?” How do you even answer these questions without sounding shallow? I mean, come on! What am I passionate about? A lot of insignificant stuff. What do I want my life to BE? Fun? Exciting? I don’t know! What kind of impact do I want to make? I kind of just want to sit in my room and read. I came to the saving knowledge of Christ when I was five, got baptized at six, and have lived my whole life going to church and listening to Christ centered music. I must say, although I’ve been saved for years and years it took me a long time to become a Christian. That may sound confusing but hear me out. Being a saint (a saved person) and being a Christian are two different things. A Christian is someone who is Christ like. Someone who does what Jesus would do, what He does. All that being said, about a year ago my answers to the afore mentioned questions began to change from shallow and introverted to loving and extroverted. Through the help of reading my Bible, going to church, and listening to good music I’ve started to understand those questions and the true answer. What am I passionate about? Music. Writing. God. People. What do I want my life to be? Loving. Christ Centered. About People. What kind of impact do I want to have? I want my Savior to have an impact through me. I want to leave a legacy. So, I challenge you to examin your life. What do YOU want to do? What kind of impact do YOU want to have? What life do YOU wish to lead?


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