“April Fools”

      Ahhhh, April first. The day of pranks, fooling, and overall frustration at everyone and everything. A lot of people love this day. I, however, do not.
      When I was a kid I would tape down the sprayer on the kitchen sink so who ever would turn on the faucet would get wet. Really wet. But I quickly grew out of that. I mean, you can only watch someone get soaked so many times before it is no longer amusing.
      So you see, I used to participate in this “holiday” (if you can even call it that), but have found that pranking is simply not my thing. Now, I have no problem with others tom-foolery but please, I beg you, leave me out of it. I wish to be happy and not made a fool.
      However, this day is fun for most so I simply stand by and keep my mouth shut. To me, this is just like any other day. I will sit and write, read, drink my coffee, maybe binge watch something on Netflix, and act as if there is no nonsense happening today.
      I will reiterate. I have no problem with others pranks and jokes, in fact, some can even be funny. So please don’t feel that I am being rude. I am simply stating my opinion on the matter. Like I said, pranking is just not my thing. So go ahead, tape the sprayer down!
      What do you think about “April Fools Day”? Do you participate in the pranks? Let me know what your favorite prank is in the comment section or tag me @Coffee_BookLove on Twitter.
      Happy April First!


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