Uglies, Scott Westerfeld


      My current reading project. I’m only 40 pages in and I’m already liking it.
      For those of you who don’t know, this is a young adult, dystopian novel about a girl named Tally who live in a world where everyone is normal (or “ugly”) until they turn 16. On your sixteenth birthday you have a license to get surgery so you can become “pretty”. Once you’re “pretty”, you are free of restrictions and your only job is to have fun.
The thing is, not everyone wants to become “pretty”. Tally is given a choice to turn in her newfound friend or never have the surgery that will allow her to be “pretty”.

      It seems like a very interesting concept and I can’t wait to truly dig into this book. If you have read it, what are your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Uglies, Scott Westerfeld

  1. I read this book back when I was in high school.. at least 6 years ago now. It was great back then but I don’t find that it ages well and I can’t bring myself to re read it.


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