The biggest, most important moments in life often don’t come with a flashing, neon sign; they sneak up on you. Many times I find myself unprepared for the whispered moments. I stress about tests, jobs, life; but I frequently forget to consider the small things that happen, day-to-day, that make life worth living.
      As I have said before, I am a huge believer in small things making a big difference. The thing is, I get so caught up with the “big picture” that I don’t even think about how the little things make up that big picture.
      It’s amazing to think that this moment, right now, is forever going to be a part of me. It forms the big picture as it forms me into the person I’ll be tomorrow. Without this moment, I couldn’t make it to the next day, the next hour, the next minute.
      Life is so precious and we often forget that. I challenge you to take a moment. Thank God for this very second in time. You’ll never get this moment back; there will never be one just like it. So appreciate all you’ve been given. Appreciate your life, even of it isn’t the easiest one. Every second, good and bad, has shaped you into the person you are today. If you don’t like who you are: change. This moment could be the moment you realize how blessed you are; the moment you decide to be something better; the moment you take the first step away from fear and toward love and hope.


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