What is Love?

   Without love we are nothing. Anyone who has read 1 Corinthians 13 knows this. For those who haven’t; it essentially says that without love, we’re useless.
   This brings up the question what is love? Is it an emotion? Is it an action? Is it an understanding?
   Love. What is love?
It is everything.
   Without love, we couldn’t exist. Without love breath couldn’t enter our lungs. Without love everything would fall apart.
   It is so difficult, yet so simple. We have all experienced love but when we’re asked to describe it, we can’t. Why is that? The only reason I can think of is because love is bigger than all of us. It is greater than anything.

   Love is beautiful,
Love is grotesque,
Love is simple,
Love is challenging,
Love is a verb,
Love is a noun,
Love is terrifying
And yet it takes away all fear.
Love is a raging fire
That leaves hope, like smoke.

  What is love? That I cannot tell you. I can only show you.



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