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   On my last post Help! I talked about how I often don’t know what to post. #LoveBooks recommended that I post about some of my favorite TV shows. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Here are 5 of my favorite TV shows. These are in no particular order.

1) The Carbanaro Effect. This show features a magician, Michael Carbanaro. He does magic tricks with random people and films it. Some of the stuff he does is amazing and leaves you wondering. Also the people’s reactions are hilarious. This is a family friendly show.

2) Doctor Who. If you haven’t heard of Doctor Who, where have you been? I’m just kidding but it is a very popular “nerdy” television show. It is British. There is love and hope and war. And different types of aliens. The Doctor and his companions travel through time and space to explore, discover, and keep the peace among the different planets, mainly earth. Both Classic Doctor Who and Doctor Who are available on Netflix.

3) Gilmore Girls. This is available on Netflix. I think there are eight seasons. (?) This show focuses on the relationship between single mother, Lorelei, and her daughter Rory. There is love, comedy, and drama.

4) Sherlock. This is another British show. This is about. . .you guessed it! Sherlock Holmes in modern day England. This show is witty and funny as well as adventurous. There is one episode that I, personally, refrain from watching. Season 2 episode 1 has some mature and questionable content. There is nothing in that particular episode that is important to the rest of the series so you won’t miss anything if you decide to skip it. Sherlock is also on Netflix.

5) Once Upon A Time. This is a modern day fantasy. It’s nothing spectacular, but it is enjoyable and fun to watch! You will encounter fairytale characters in both a modern and fantasy setting. Once is a family friendly show. This is also available on Netflix.

   So that wraps up some of my top 5 favorite television shows. I will post a link to the TV shows page on IMDB so you can check them out further. The parental guide is only available on the IMDB app. So if ratings as far at TV-14, TV-PG, etc. is important for you, I would highly recommend getting the app or going onto Common Sense Media and looking at what people have to say about the age rating.
   In my opinion Carbanaro Effect and Once Upon A Time are both completely family friendly. Sherlock, other than the one episode mentioned, is safe for an older child (due to the violence). Gilmore Girls is safe for young teens. And Doctor Who has some questionable things come up every once and a while. I would say that it is also safe for young teens. These are just my opinions on what age is appropriate to watch these shows. Obviously you can watch whatever you want and you are in control of any children you might have. I just think it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into. I personally don’t like watching stuff that is overly immoral. So I always appreciate it when people let me know if there is questionable content in a show, movie, or book before I start getting into it.

The Carbanaro Effect
Doctor Who
Gilmore Girls
Once Upon A Time


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