Bedtime Book Tag

I was tagged by Hardwork Boulevard for the Bedtime Book Tag. This is simple and fun so let’s get started!

1. A Book That Kept You Up All Night Reading

2. A Book That Made You Scared To Sleep

I don’t really have a book for this so I’m just going to pick one that freaked me out when I was a little girl.

3. A Book That Made You Go To Sleep

Though this book made me fall asleep the first time I read it, I re-read it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

4. A Book That Left You Tossing and Turning All Night in Anticipation of its Release

5. A Book That Had Your Dream Boyfriend


Edward and Jacob (I like them both)

6. A Book That Would Be Your Worst Nightmare to Live In

There is just so much loss.

7. A Book That Reminds You of Nighttime

8. A Book That Had a Nightmarish Cliffhanger

9. A Book That You Actually Dreamed About

I don’t have anything for this so I’m going to pick a book that I wouldn’t mind dreaming about.

10. A Book Monster that You would Not Want to Find Under Your Bed

Galbatorix and Urgals

President Snow

Giant Spiders


I tag. . .

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4 thoughts on “Bedtime Book Tag

  1. I’ve been wanting to read Eragon the series. Is it really good? I’ve watched the movie and I liked it very much!!! Also the Lord of the Rings series. Been wanting to read that but it just seems so overwhelming! I adore the movies so freaking much though! Can’t get enough of Orlando Bloom *heart eyes* Also the Book Thief, I always keep starting it and then stopping. I like Death as the narrator but I’m always sooo bored!

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    1. The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance) are excellent books. They are high fantasy, so if you’re into that you will love them. I, personally, rank them as some of my favorite books. You will get a lot of really good quotes out of them too.
      LoTR, I have never read. I LOVE the movies but have never gotten into the books. The Hobbit, on the other hand, is amazing! It is my all time, favorite book. I highly recommend it! Plus, it’s way less daunting then LoTR.
      I haven’t read all of the Book Thief. I keep getting distracted by other things to read it. I love the movie, though. If you haven’t seen it, definitely watch it!

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      1. How does the Hobbit book compare to the movie??? It’s only one book right? So you like that they separated it into three movies? The movies were really really great!
        Yeah, I’ve seen The Book Thief. It was good and really sad. :((

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      2. I don’t necessarily like that they separated the Hobbit into three movies. I think it would have been better in two. The book is phenomenal, in my opinion. The movies were good, but in comparison to the book they fall incredibly short.


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