Beauty Unboxing! Birchbox!

   Hey all! Today I have a Birchbox unboxing for you! I have never done a beauty post before, but hopefully you find it interesting.
If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it is a subscription service which sends sample sizes of beauty products. It is $10 a month. It is a great way to test a product out. If you end up loving something you received you can buy it full sized from You can also customize your box based on preferences and what type of skin and hair you have. If you’re interested in checking it out click here!
  Okay! Now that I’ve explained the concept of Birchbox let’s get into the unboxing!



The box looks like this. It isn’t the sturdiest of boxes, but it can certainly be used for storage. And it’s super cute!

When you open the box it looks like this:


Everything is nicely wrapped up in tissue paper. Okay, okay, I must admit that I did stage this.
You also get a few cards in the box. One was a coupon and the other was a description of the products and how much the full sizes are worth.


Let’s get into the products. Firstly, there is a Eyeko London Fat Liquid Eyeliner in Black.


The card description for this is: “Silky smooth liquid liner that makes cat-eyes a breeze (even for beginners).
Here are some swatches.


It definitely stays under pressure. I have rubbed it a few times and it still looks like that. However, water seems to be its downfall. That being said, I am really excited to try it out! A full sized liner is worth $16. (I actually think this is a full size)

Secondly is a hair oil. Lumiere d’hiver Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil.


The product description is: “This strand-saving formula gives drab, dull hair amazing shine without weighing it down.” It smells really good! A full sized bottle it worth $26.

Thirdly is a hand cream. Shae butter hand cream by Soap and paper Factory.


It sure is a cute little thing. Its full size value is $18. The description is: “A rich cream moisturizer that soothes even the driest of hands, in a fresh, gentle green tea scent.

Next is Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm. Its full size value is $17. I applied this a little while a go and oh does it work! My lips were terribly chapped and now they feel smooth. Wow! I just might have to purchase the full size of this one!


“This ultrahydrating healing balm does it all: repairs lips, smooths tough skin, heals cuticles and so much more!”

Lastly is a fragrance. It is strong but smells amazing!


Not A Perfume (Eau de parfum) by Juliette Has a Gun
“This allergen-free, minimalist scent has a single note: elegant, spicy Cetalox.”
The full size value for this is $90 – $120.

   Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve ever tried Birchbox or if you have ever wanted to!

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