The Boy, Movie Review

Hey guys! Today I’m here with a movie review. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, so let me know if you’re into this sort of thing and if you have any movie recommendations/movies you want a review on.

A couple weeks ago I went to see The Boy with my mom. I love a good scary movie. I highly recommend checking IMDB for the parents guide before seeing a movie. If you go to the parents guide, it tells you exactly what’s in the movie in regards to language, violence, sex, and other materials not necessarily suitable for all or desired by many. If you’re interested in checking it out, you’ll have to use the app. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t support the parents guide do I can’t supply you with a link, but if you get the app you will be able to see the parents guide.

Okay, so here are my general thoughts about the movie. *No Spoilers*
I thought ti was good. I didn’t find it too scary. I rarely get scared from a movie, mainly just creeped out, however this movie didn’t even do that for me. Although it didn’t give me a sense of fear or eeriness it was well made and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have talked with other people who saw the movie and they thought it was creepy. Things like this change person-to-person. There was a good twist which wasn’t what I expected, which I found refreshing.

Anyway, that concludes that. If you have any question leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @Coffee_BookLove



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