I have an old post Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder where I talk about how sometimes we view things as ugly when, in fact, they are beautiful. I encourage you to go read that post but, while reflecting on beauty, again, in my own life, I’ve come to another understanding. Beauty is undefinable. While we can describe things that are beautiful, we cannot define it.
So I ask you, what is beauty? Since we cannot have a definite answer to this question, let’s think of examples, things that are beautiful, even if only to yourself.
For me, my nieces are beautiful. A sunrise or sunset is beautiful. The ocean, the mountains, trees, flowers, nature itself is beautiful. Books, words, art, music, they are all beautiful. But what about actions? How often do we describe an action as beautiful? Do we watch a child playing and consider it beautiful? What about when your mother or grandmother is sitting in a rocking chair, quietly humming to herself. Is that beautiful? Is giving to those who are need beautiful? You see, what I came to realize the other day was that beauty is more than just objects, people, places, memories; it’s actions.
We have all heard “love is a verb.” I believe this statement to be true. So couldn’t it be that beauty or beautiful is also a verb? Could beautiful be an action? I think it can! All we have to do is change our perception of beauty, come to the understanding that beauty is all around us. Yes, it’s in people, places, things, but it is also in our actions.

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