Book Review: Rebel Island

So, recently I read Rebel Island by Rick Riordan. When you think Rick Riordan, you think Percy Jackson, however, he has also written adult fiction books. Rebel Island is one of those books.
Rebel Island is about a man and his very pregnant wife who are stuck on an island during a hurricane. They are staying in a hotel with other people, some of which are being murdered. The main character, Tres, was a PI and so his natural instinct is to solve these murders. (If you’re interested in the full synopsis, click here)
This book is set up to be a classic mystery. If you’re into mysteries I think you would really enjoy it.

Okay! Now unto my review. I thought it was an okay book. There wasn’t anything extraordinary about it, but it wasn’t at all bad. I think it could have been executed a bit differently. For example, sometimes it was hard to tell the present from the past because everyone has flashbacks, and while they are defined, sometimes the language would go from past tense to present and this was a bit confusing at times. There was cursing. It was more sectioned. Certain people would curse and others wouldn’t, so it wasn’t spread out through the book, however it is something to be wary of because there was some strong language.
Overall I enjoyed the book. I don’t think it is something I would read again, though. If you’re looking for a good rainy-day read, or are just really hankering for a mystery, I think this is the book for you. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars.


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