Reading Slump and Keep the Lights Out!

Can I be honest for a moment? I am in such a reading slump it is not even funny. I’ve been trying to read pretty much the whole summer and have only finished one book. One! I don’t know what to do. Do any of you guys have advice on how to get out of this slump? The worst part, reading my favorite book (which normally knocks the reading slump out the window) isn’t working. Ugh! Help!

On a lighter note, I saw Lights Out (wow, terrible pun. . .unintended as well). If you guys don’t know what Lights Out is, it is a horror movie that came out a little while ago. Basically, the premise of the movie is there is this woman who only shows up when it’s dark. She haunts people and takes advantage of the fact that everyone has a natural fear of the dark. This woman-creature uses a woman who has depression as her conduit.

I really liked the movie. I saw the Conjuring 2 when it came out and I can say Lights Out was much scarier. While I don’t necessarily get scared during movies, I did find that it was well written and the story was interesting and engaging. I feel as if, if you are someone who does get scared during movies, it would be awesome for you to see! There are jump scares, but they were good. Typically jump scare don’t do it for me, but these ones did. If you didn’t know, “Keep the lights out” is in the movie. . .that’s why it is in the title of this post. I definitely recommend the movie.

Watch the preview here!

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