About Me

I believe in faith, hope, love, the power of music and the written word, and that the small things make a big difference!

My name is Edith. I’m a college student. I adore coffee! I love to read but, because of school, I don’t often get the opportunity to read for enjoyment.

The title of this blog, Coffee Book Love, is something that I pondered for a while. I wanted a name that would showcase what I wanted to write about without placing me in a box. A saying you may see around the blog is, “drink coffee, read books, love people.” That is the message of the name. If you’re not into coffee, swap it out for tea. To get back to the point, I chose the name because the things I post are often things one would find in books or would discuss with a friend over coffee (or tea). Because of that, this blog may seem random. Within my various posts you will find music, book recommendations, inspirational quotes, poetry, and personal musings, which can include my own writings, thoughts, and opinions on various topics. If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay! You are more than welcome to have an opinion and share it, so long as communication remains civil.

I am fully aware that some may not like this disorganized style. However, with an open mind, I think everyone could find a little something they like within Coffee Book Love. I hope to be an inspiration to all and showcase love, grace, and hope in my interactions.

Drink coffee, read books, and love people!

I have another blog that is more discussion and lifestyle oriented. Check it out here!
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