What are You Living For?

What is most important to you? What are you passionate about? What makes you get up every morning? What drives you to do your best? If your answer is money, fame, power, or anything like that, I’m afraid you are living for the wrong thing. Life is more than money, life is more than fame […]

Worth It

  Worth It, Francesca Battistelli Love’s not a feeling Love’s not convenient But I know love will change your life Love takes sacrifice Love cuts like a knife Sometimes love will make you cry Love’s not easy But it’s worth it Love is a hunger But love won’t leave you empty See it’s the language […]

Fight Another Day

Fight Another Day, Addison Road “Your broken dreams, your crazy schemes They always let you down The things we chase, a hopeless race You’re breathless on the ground From soaring heights to crashing dives A peace yet to be found But you could spend a lifetime running You could spend a lifetime running And do […]

You Carry Me

I’ve been thinking about doing more book posts. If you guys would be interested in that let me know! I would also love ideas for future posts; both book and non-book related. So please comment telling me the kind of stuff you’d be interested in seeing from me. Also, don’t forget to follow me on […]

A Greater Love

   Today, love is one of the most popular topics of discussion. Here’s what I have to say on the matter.    Love died over 2,000 years ago. Love sacrificed EVERYTHING. Love was laid in a tomb for three days. And, the most important thing, Love LIVES! Death and hell lost and Love won. Love […]

Through All Of It

   I don’t usually post so much in one day, but I really feel the need to share this with you guys. This song, Through All Of It by Colton Dixon, is such an inspiration. God is there through all of it. “There are days of taking more than I can give And there are […]

What is Love?

   Without love we are nothing. Anyone who has read 1 Corinthians 13 knows this. For those who haven’t; it essentially says that without love, we’re useless.    This brings up the question what is love? Is it an emotion? Is it an action? Is it an understanding?    Love. What is love? It is […]

Be The Change, Shuree

“Turn on the TV Everything is empty So sick and tired of the rotten junk they’re feeding me Selling us a pack of lies They must think we lost our minds When we gonna stop buying what they’re pushing down the line Don’t don’t be fooled Don’t don’t be fooled It won’t be different till […]

Pronouns, Karle Wilson Baker

“The Lord said, ‘Say We’; But I shook my head, Held my hands tight behind my back, and said, Stubbornly, ‘I.’ The Lord said, ‘Say We’; But I looked upon them, grimy and all awry – Myself in all those twisted shapes? Ah, no! Distastefully I turned my head away Persisting, ‘They.’ The Lord said, […]