Not Even…Not Even…

He planted the softest of kisses on her lips. Staring at her for a mere moment, he took in all of her. Every curve, every line. She was his and he could not believe he was so lucky. She loved him, he knew that. Yet, he was about to do something that could never be […]

…Transcendent Superlative…

She stared over the precipice. There was something about the darkness that made her feel as if there was purpose. If so much blackness could exist, could it not be that light, too, exists? The strength and power she could draw from this thought was magnificent. There was something greater than she. Without concern for […]

I Wish I Wrote the Way I Thought

   Fall, autumn, the death of plants, the holiday season, whatever you want to call it, it is the best time of year! The trees are beautiful, the air is crisp, the cooler weather allows you to wear your favorite sweater/coat that’s been stuffed in your closet. Overall, fall is great! To celebrate my favorite […]

Where I am From

So, the other day a friend needed help writing a poem about where she came from. I wrote her this as an example. I thought it was decent enough to share. Hopefully you can be inspired from it. Dark, angry clouds Rolled over the sea A tempest so strong The captain could not see Through […]

Life Worth Living

      A life worth living Is full of joy and sorrow A life without worth Is full of take and borrow.       Love without sacrifice Isn’t love at all Hope without a fight Is fear made tall.

Thank You!

      Last night I hit 50 followers! Thank you! Everyone who follows, or even just reads my stuff, thank you for not letting my thoughts get lost in cyberspace. It means a lot to know that people actually read what I put up here. I hope and pray that, in some way, I have been […]